Hannah’s photos from my birth are some of my most treasured
They are simultaneously raw and dream-like, visceral and
— Caroline C.

Hannah has been with us through the births of both of our children. She has been able to capture the beautiful images and emotions that i haven't been able to see. She has given us the memories of the moment I became a mother, the first time I saw my beautiful boys, my husband telling me that we had sons, and the look on my babies face as they entered this world. She is more to me than a photographer in the room, Hannah is a part of our birth story and I will be forever grateful for her. 

— Carolyn A.

I have had the pleasure of working along side Hannah at quite a few home births now.  She truly does an amazing job capturing "the story" as it unfolds.  Her passion for birth shines through not just in "her" work, but somehow, she always ends up as a true support person as she cheers mom on, gets dad some water, or hands the midwives something they need.  Integrating into the birth space is something that is important.  Hannah does it.  And through her eye and heart you will see your beauty and story unfold as you work to welcome this new life into your yours!

— Amy Knisley
Cpm - Well Rounded Midwifery

Hannah is the perfect mix of professional and relatable.
She genuinely loves what she does, and it shows in every single image. She captured the atmosphere and energy with ease, and the photographs are breathtaking. The entire experience with Hannah was invaluable. We will certainly be having her on our team for future babies and are so grateful for all she has done and continues to do. We have so much love for her. 



What sets Hannah apart from other photographers is that she puts her heart into her work. She not only documents amazing moments like she did with the births of both of our boys, but she becomes a part of the experience. She is kind, helpful, and objective in very emotional and intimate moments. Coming from a husband and father, I feel very comfortable with her and know I don't need to think about anything else other than my wife and child. We will be using her again in the future!

— bret a.


I was comforted by her emotions and expressions.  Hannah was more of a doula than a photographer... There is no one else we would have wanted to tell our birth story.  So happy we decided to have a photographer.  Oh and we had a girl...lucky number three.  If we go for number four, I hope we can have Hannah there again, for her....the photos are a bonus!!!

— The NEFF'S