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The Christmas Lotus Home Birth of Giovanni | Milk & Hannah Photo | Columbus OH Birth Photographer

"Miranda's water broke."
The message flashed across my screen from Amy, Miranda's midwife, as the clock in the corner of my Macbook clicked over to 11:00pm.

She wasn't due for 2 weeks.
Surprise, anxiety, and ecstasy floated through my brain channels.

"Sleep fast." she wrote shortly after-and I closed my laptop.

Switching my phone to "Loud" I pulled Ruby against my breast for a last feeding and started a night of alternating between snoozing and waking to obsessively check my phone for an update-in fear I may have missed something.

The next morning at 8:00am, I awoke to check in with Amy.
We agreed to meet at their home at 9:00am.


I arrived at 9:10am

The first real snowfall laid atop the ground outside... as magical as it was to see--these two had something even more so together as she labored in front of the fireplace. The light from the Christmas tree twinkling behind them.

Two braided pig tails sat on her collar bones.
She wore her lover's blank tank top.
The way the fabric fell over her belly made me swoon.

Shortly after our arrival, and after a brief period of separating herself to connect with her body, intensity came quickly.
It was time to utilize the birthing pool that had been filling in the kitchen.
Continuous streams of boiling pots on the cooktop.

As she surged, Jesse, her partner, dipped white washrags into cups of gas station ice water, immediately placing them against the skin of her face. She was very warm, and very uncomfortable.

And ready to move on from the tub.
As she exited, another surge welcomed itself, her midwife held her up and danced side to side as it subsided.

She headed upstairs to sit on the toilet, just for a few, and on her way back to the birthing pool, she surged once again, and found refuge laid across their bed.

With her partner,
And her midwife.

A few moments later, she was back in the warm water refuge of the birthing pool. The second midwife of her birth team, Lora, had arrived - surrounded by candles, sweet Christmas music, and the light from the kitchen windows, she continued her wonderful, life-changing journey of motherhood.

Soon-the unpredictable journey of birth turned once again.
The birthing pool was no longer a space of comfort, and so up the stairs they headed, once again. To the master bedroom.

She was glorious. A site to behold. A goddess. A warrior. A pillar of boldness and of vulnerability all at once.

She was a story.
A metaphor of beauty and pain and strength.
Looking at her labor was to read a novel cover to cover-and to be honored to do so.
I was honored to do so.

As she laid across her lover's lap...

As she surrendered to her body and listened to it--

As she breathed in the air of the Winter winds outside.. letting them swirl in her lungs...

There he was.


Welcome to the world, G.
You are more loved than you could ever imagine.
And your mama?

You rocked it, M.
All my love.

Midwife: Amy Knisley / Well Rounded Midwifery
Midwife: Lora Hart / Ohio Home Birth
Birth Photographer: Milk & Hannah Photo
 Birth Pool: Waterbith Solutions

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Visiting The Jennings' | Canal Winchester, Ohio | In-Home Lifestyle Session, Milk & Hannah Photo

I stopped to hang out with the fabulous Liz Jennings of Liz Jennings Photography and talk business. She's a Lifestyle Newborn and Birth Photographer in Canal Winchester and an awesome friend.

I wasn't planning on taking any photos, but the light was awesome and the colors drew me and so... on-the-spot lifestyle session happened and I captured some of my favorite images ever.

If you're interested in booking something like this, feel free to reach out.

Hope you enjoy these moments, too.

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The Birth Photographer's Birth | Berger Hospital | Milk & Hannah Photo | Central Ohio Birth Photography

When I became pregnant for the 3rd time, it was at a crucial moment.

We were in a time of transition in life, marriage, parenting.

She was the silver lining in never-ending rain clouds. She was a sure-fire promise of hope, renewal, goodness.

On March 10th, 2016, on the 7 year anniversary of my relationship with my husband-the day we leapt like lunatics deep into love- our second daughter, my third wombfruit, Ruby was born.

I decided in my last month of pregnancy to photograph the birth with help from my birth supports, my husband and momma. I wanted a different viewpoint into birthing and loved the intimacy that could be accomplished in my birth space.

With the amazing backing of my creative husband, we brought along more gear than we did products for me and for baby. What started with high expectations of photographing the entire process really began to take shape as a different story while we filled in for one another when we were able. Drew took the camera while he had the free hands to do so. My mom took the camera when she had the free hands to do so, and I took the camera... when I could.

The last photo taken was 45 minutes before she was born.

I needed my husband and mother more during those moments than I needed those first "emerging" photos, and as a birth photographer who truly values first photos of baby, that took a lot of time to come to terms with.

Those photos are beautiful memories in my mind. Memories of my husband's hands catching our daughter and placing her on my chest. Memories of the pain and pressure of birthing. And memories of my daughter being born exactly the way I always wanted.

Here is "The Birth Photographer's Birth".

The birth story of Ruby Francine.

She is so very loved.


Hospital: Berger Medical Center in Circleville, Ohio

Midwife: Barb Poole

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