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The Birth Photographer's Birth | Berger Hospital | Milk & Hannah Photo | Central Ohio Birth Photography

When I became pregnant for the 3rd time, it was at a crucial moment.

We were in a time of transition in life, marriage, parenting.

She was the silver lining in never-ending rain clouds. She was a sure-fire promise of hope, renewal, goodness.

On March 10th, 2016, on the 7 year anniversary of my relationship with my husband-the day we leapt like lunatics deep into love- our second daughter, my third wombfruit, Ruby was born.

I decided in my last month of pregnancy to photograph the birth with help from my birth supports, my husband and momma. I wanted a different viewpoint into birthing and loved the intimacy that could be accomplished in my birth space.

With the amazing backing of my creative husband, we brought along more gear than we did products for me and for baby. What started with high expectations of photographing the entire process really began to take shape as a different story while we filled in for one another when we were able. Drew took the camera while he had the free hands to do so. My mom took the camera when she had the free hands to do so, and I took the camera... when I could.

The last photo taken was 45 minutes before she was born.

I needed my husband and mother more during those moments than I needed those first "emerging" photos, and as a birth photographer who truly values first photos of baby, that took a lot of time to come to terms with.

Those photos are beautiful memories in my mind. Memories of my husband's hands catching our daughter and placing her on my chest. Memories of the pain and pressure of birthing. And memories of my daughter being born exactly the way I always wanted.

Here is "The Birth Photographer's Birth".

The birth story of Ruby Francine.

She is so very loved.


Hospital: Berger Medical Center in Circleville, Ohio

Midwife: Barb Poole

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