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The Birth of Xavier | Columbus, OH Birth Photographer | Milk & Hannah

A sunny Sunday afternoon transitions to an early star-filled Monday morning in the Ohio State University operating room.

This is the incredibly beautiful birth story of Xavier.

.   .   .

To Jessica:

You are incredible.
I hope you know what a badass human, woman, and mother you are.
All my love.


Midwives present:

Amy Knisley | Well Rounded Midwifery
Rachel McCloskey | Natural Birth Columbus


The Birth of P | Columbus OH Birth Photography | Milk & Hannah Photo

It was late.
Very late.

I rode up the elevator and walked into where a Mama was nearing the end of her stunt as being "home".
She was beautiful, peaceful, happy, and ready.

Several hours, a nap for four, hot coffee, a handful of popsicles, and one pair of blue socks later...

There she was.
A 5-pound Moonbeam.

Wide-eyed, wondering, wonderful.

She couldn't stop staring at her Mama.
She knew she was looking at Home.



This is the story of darling Baby P.



welcome, P.