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I was on Instagram one evening after dinner decompressing from the day with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. I scrolled past photos of puppies and bellies and food and landed on a photo a friend and local midwife posted of her client's birthing land. She had hashtagged it #busbirth.

a WHAT birth?

I texted her furiously.
She explained that Caroline and Seamus had recently relocated from Virginia onto a large plot of land they had purchased. They were remodeling a school bus into a livable home on the property. She confirmed that they were planning to deliver on the bus, in the middle of this large plot of land in the woods. But, it was 2 hours away from me. And she was due in 2 weeks.

All the details faded, but the story of this first time mama believing in herself. A warrior living off the grid and rooting for alternative options in life and birth. I loved it. I was (am) inspired by her boldness. I wanted to be there. I wanted to tell her story.

I asked her to tell them I wanted to be there.
She said she'd see what she could do.
I waited, impatiently.


A few weeks later, Susette was born in the daylight aboard a school bus deep in the hills of Ohio. Chicago softly crackling on the turntable, chickens roamed outside and a fury of rays peeked through the gold tasseled curtains.

As the wood stove warmed and the wildflowers sprouted all along the valley, she breathed her first breaths of this wild world's air in the peaceful, serene, lush homeland that her parents had created for her. 

This is the story of that day.


I am in awe of you. So proud of your intense love for your partner and your daughter. You are incredible and I was honored to watch you become Mother. 


Midwives present:

Amy Knisley | Well Rounded Midwifery

Lora Hart | Ohio Home Birth 

In Home, Birth

The Birth of Jenson | Columbus Birth Photographer | Milk & Hannah | Home Water Birth


When I pulled into the [wrong] driveway [and then backed up and pulled into the right driveway] at just after 6:30am, I opened the front door and walked into a dimly lit space of calm. The sound of boiling water for the birthing tub bubbling on the stove in the kitchen, Anna's husband Corey was just coming down from upstairs. He whispered "Hi there!" in passing, as he headed back into the kitchen with an empty 6 quart cooking pot in his left hand.


On the second floor, a hand-painted "Hello, Baby. Hello" wooden plaque was centered on the outside of the closed door at the end of the hall. I took a deep grounding breath and creaked open the door.

A lace curtain of warm sparkly lights lit the space and created a birthing atmosphere to treasure. Anna laid across the queen sized bed, resting between surges, as Audra and Amy , her midwives, sat on the carpet against the gray bedroom walls--- her silent warriors of birth, waiting patiently to be needed. They chanted affirmations as the waves of labor came and went and helped fill the birthing tub with fresh, hot water. 


A life-bringing femme of power. 


And as the sun crept over the horizon, the little ones awoke one by one to see what all the fuss was about. 


A bathroom break landed her at 9cm dilated and snuggling her babies on her nursery bed


But... baby was ready, and tub time it was.


A rotation or two of the minute hand , a gentle warrior roar, and he claimed the world as his in his Mama's arms.


Her 4th son.



Happy Birth Day, Anna.

Happy Birthday, Jenson.


The fabulous midwives present:

Amy Knisley // Well Rounded Midwifery and Audra Phillips // Art of Midwifery