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When You Dare to Love Your Body | I'm Not Brave | A Mother's Day Tribute

As Amy Schumer laughs on her Netflix special, she talks about the last thing she wants to hear when someone compliments her on her nudie magazine cover.




Not Beautiful? Strong? Carefree? Unique? Wonderful?

Those words sunk deep into my bones and struck not one but many chords.

A problem saved quietly for the chubby, we're the brave ones.

"Thank you so much for being naked AND chubby."

I'm not brave folks.
I'm not.
I struggle with loving my body, and that may be shocking for you to read.
I still weigh myself on occasion and sink deep into society's expectation of me, defeated and feeling worthless.

I still sometimes wonder if I'm beautiful. 

But then, I choose the feelings that come next.

They watch me.

My daughters watch me. My son watches me. He's listening to the words that I speak about my female body, and he's creating language to speak and to think of other women's bodies.  My daughters are creating language of their own female bodies, how they should talk about them, how they should feel about them. How they should love them, which parts are worthy.

And although I can not protect them from the pressure of this world, I can make sure that when they hear me talk about myself, it's all love and it's ALL worthy. In hopes that when they look at their precious selves in the mirror they feel the same.

See beauty and bravery, friends. 
Look in the mirror and speak love to yourself. 
Speak it. 
Speak it to the parts of yourself that you don't want to. Feel the curves of your body, and become familiar with who you are. And love it. Dare to.

On this Mother's Day, I am not brave. 
But I refuse to stop looking at my body, fighting what this world tells me I should be, and telling myself I am an absolutely beautiful, incredible species. 






Mama + Dad + Baby C | Ohio Birth + Lifestlye Photography | Milk & Hannah Photo

Met this sweet family at my very favorite spot just before the sun started it's evening descent. The session was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa, who also came along for the ride.

Grandma stayed behind me and previewed shots on the back of my camera all the while this trio made magic with their love for each other.

Man, oh, man, this was fun to photograph.

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Visiting The Jennings' | Canal Winchester, Ohio | In-Home Lifestyle Session, Milk & Hannah Photo

I stopped to hang out with the fabulous Liz Jennings of Liz Jennings Photography and talk business. She's a Lifestyle Newborn and Birth Photographer in Canal Winchester and an awesome friend.

I wasn't planning on taking any photos, but the light was awesome and the colors drew me and so... on-the-spot lifestyle session happened and I captured some of my favorite images ever.

If you're interested in booking something like this, feel free to reach out.

Hope you enjoy these moments, too.