B  O  D  Y       C  A  S  T  I  N  G


A MOULD OF WHO YOU are - honoring your body

honoring the curves of a belly swollen and close to the formal introduction to your sweet babe. the twists and turns of a postpartum BODY READJUSTING TO LIFE AS HOME TO ONLY ITSELF. an offering of love to who you are right here and now. an intimate process of partnership for your and yours.

body casting is a tribute to yourself or to your lover or a gift for you both.


The Basics:

a 2 hour process of light massage and MOISTURIZING, followed by a plaster casting of your physical form. Following the casting process - curing, sanding and sealing commences with your finished cast ready within one week, prepared to be easily hung with your choice of a cotton or leather strap. 

I offer both front and rear body casts with full torso and half torso options.


full torso: $250

half torso: $200