Hannah Spencer, Photographer

milk and hannah started on a whim and has developed into A CAREER OF passion and soul work. specializing solely in the honest telling of birth stories since 2014.

I truly believe in the power of the woman.

i believe in the power of birth and i believe that women should Have the freedom to birth in the way they desire, the place they desire, and with the care team they desire. 

i also believe in the power of respecting the UNPREDICTABILITY of birth, and the way in which sometimes, it doesn't look the way that we hoped.

i believe there is goodness that comes from finding beauty in your birth experience regardless of the where, the how, the length of time, the amount of make-up, and the way it does or does not hold up against everything else we've seen.

my desire is to connect with my clients on a personal level. to form a bond that rises above this incredible experience of birth and translates to true friendship outside of a client-photographer relationship.

i love my job.


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